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A comprehensive collection of luxury country style furniture and home décor manufactured in the heart of Tuscany by skilled craftsmen.
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Country style home décor

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Country décor

When furnishing meets high quality made in Italy workmanship, the result is timeless charming furniture. Passion, creativity and ability to combine the most sophisticated antique style to modernity.

“Maggi Massimo” was founded in the heart of Tuscany in 1978, when Massimo, after inheriting the business first set up by his grandfather and then carried on by his father, was driven by the impulse to combine art and master handicraft ability to modern design.

The “Hard Country “ line is based on this perfect union and thanks to it Massimo Maggi, founder and leader of the homonymous company, has been able to combine tradition to modernity and to design and make a “new kind” of furniture both for kitchens and for basement rooms.

Their aesthetic and company philosophy is to rework “antique style” furniture with creativity , thanks to the originality and experience of skilled cabinet-makers, thus shunning all the market philosophies based on anonymous, impersonal and cold mass productions, and putting passion and quality before.

Every piece of furniture manufactured with skill, delicacy and love seems to have a soul, a proper life” says Mister Massimo.”

“Furniture with a soul”, that become a status symbol when set in villas and able to give your home that unique personality which underlines your own lifestyle. This has been the secret of Maggi Massimo’s success along the years, thanks to which its brand has spread all over the world and affirmed in the most important world markets.