Old Country Furniture: The Collection
MaggiMassimo presents its collection of high country style Italian furniture. Luxury old furniture and home décor for your country house.
Country kitchen furniture. Old country furniture. Country décor. Country house furniture. Country style homes.

Luxury Italian furniture & High country furniture

Old country furniture & Country décor

Italian country furniture

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country style furniture

The kitchens and the kitchens hall designed by Massimo Maggi born from his deep passion for country style homes, studied, analized, re-discovered and revisited under his long lasting experience of the field and thanks to his native Italian style. Each country kitchen is cared in every detail, each material is personally chosen by Massimo Maggi and assembled by the artisan masters inside the company. The result are kitchen countersigned by an unparalleled aesthetic beauty with innovative practical solutions and country style home décor.

Bar cabinets and forniture which recall the country style in its most pure lines, even if revisited with innovative solutions suitable to the needs of the modern life: libraries with reproductions of ancient safe boxes, libraries with foldaway personal computer support, cabinets with cellars in view, window cabinets with cigars humidifier, wall units, and many other type of country house furniture. A wide range of solutions for a high quality country furniture.

The passion that Massimo Maggi puts in each creation is evident by browsing the photos of a few of these country furnishing accessories and paintings reproducing rustic characters. They resume, more than the luxury Italian furniture and the country style kitchens, the days spent around the markets of the world, the books studied, the traditions of the country life which Massimo has embraced during the years. Each curve, each line, each single piece are the result of his passion for the country life, for those objects so simple as well as so perfect.

Ceiling suspension lamps with the pulley as it was used in the past and the suspensions with the ancient lantern style form; appliqués in handmade decorated ceramic with lamp in view; table lamps with glass bellow, brass finishing and country décor. A lot of different forms, all linked to the loved country style, realized only using the best materials to obtain lighting points able to characterized each interior forever.

Country house furniture