Old Country Furniture
Located near Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany, MaggiMassimo specializes in manufacturing old Italian high furniture for your luxury country house.
Country style homes. High country furniture. Country kitchen furniture. Luxury Italian furniture. Country style furniture.


Visit the valley where born our furniture www.casentino.it

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Russian Showroom: Moscow, INTERMEBEL m. Serpukhovskaya Paveletskaya 1 ° Schipkovsky corsia 4
Russian Showroom: Moscow, ITALFORM DUE Crocus City 65 km MKAD, Tvoi Dom 2", 3 rd. fl

China Showroom: Shangai, YUEXING GROUP 168th Aomen Road, 4th floor
China Showroom: Nanjing YONG LONG FURNITURE 168 Jiang Dong Zhong Road Jian Ye District