Luxury Country Style Furniture
Maggi Massimo specializes in manufacturing Italian luxury country style furniture: kitchen, tavern, living room, dining room, home decor.
Country décor. Luxury Italian furniture. Country house furniture. Country style homes. White country furniture.

Show-room in Borgo Ss. Apostoli 43/r (next to Via Tornabuoni) Florence, Italy
Factory and Showroom in Via Erbosa 23 - 52014 Porrena Poppi – Arezzo Italy

Moscow Showroom: INTERMEBEL m. Serpukhovskaya Paveletskaya 1 ° Schipkovsky corsia 4
Moscow Showroom: FLORENCE MOBILI Crocus City 65 km MKAD, Tvoi Dom 2", 3 rd. fl 123456

Shanghai Showroom: YUEXING GROUP 168 th Aomen Road, 4th floor
Nanjing Showroom: NANJING YONG LONG FURNITURE 168 Jiang Dong Zhong Road Jian Ye District

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